We recently switched from a dial-up modem and went straight to fiber.

By doing so we’re able to actually see what the internet is like and thought “we should create the Switch Industries website”

The boss said one of his teenaged sons used the word ‘Interactive’ to describe the way a website should be.

He said:

“Dad, climb out of your caveman cave! Make a website that is easy to use, so people can tell you exactly what they need and you can give them a quote automatically. Make it interactive! … and Dad, people don’t call people for a quote anymore, they did that in the last century!”

So we are joining whatever this century is, listening to a teen’s advice and making a website that works for our customers (gonna miss that dial-up modem though).

Thank you for visiting Switch Industries!


Western Electromarker and Canadian Custom Engravers are both registered trademarks and sister companies to Switch industries.

Canadian Custom Engravers is named so you know what we do, which is similar to Western Electromarker, but you wouldn’t know what they do from their name.

Switch Industries is a bunch of sign making, plate making, print shop making companies, makers of things you need to have a marking for, that can handle all kinds of temperatures, in any colour and material and its a bunch of other boring companies and subsidiaries that all do really good work and its really boring but fantastic and accurate and timely and since it would be goofy to have four or twelve different (but equally boring) websites, we can adequately bore you with this one.